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Your Maintenance Regime Should Include Detailing: Here’s How & Why

Boating season is in full-swing here at Port Annapolis, but here’s a quick thought before you hit the open water: Have you adequately maintained your boat this summer? Many boaters think they’re doing everything right in terms of maintenance—but are ignorant of the finer aspects of boat maintenance that can greatly impact the longevity of […]

Be a Greener Boater: Protecting the Environment

Environmental-friendly boating practices help seafarers look beyond the bow and make a difference to maintain clean, healthy waters for years to come. Boating goes hand-in-hand with wildlife watching, swimming, fishing, snorkeling and diving—and each of these experiences is enhanced by the clean water required for a healthy bay. Unfortunately, mishandling a boat can be detrimental […]

Fire Prevention Tips: Stop On-Board Fires Before They Start

What’s the best way to deal with any problem? Stop it before it starts—and the same maxim hold true when it comes to boating. Experienced sailors are some of the most cautious people you’ll meet—and for good reason. While boating is an exhilarating and enjoyable pastime, there’s no getting around the inherent risk involved with […]

Cruising into Fall: 2016 United States Sailboat & Powerboat Shows

  Looking to kick off the fall season with a bang? Join Port Annapolis Marina and thousands of fellow boating enthusiasts from around the world for seminars, prizes and more at the 2016 Sailboat and Powerboat shows! We’ll be representing the local seafaring community—be sure to stop by Tent C39 to support your favorite Annapolis […]