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3 Boating-Safety Steps When Celebrating the Red, White & Blue

A nautical safety primer for Annapolis 4th of July celebrations July 4th is right around the corner, and for many boaters this means watching fireworks, family get-togethers, barbecues . . . and a trip to the emergency room? Unfortunately, that’s the stark reality for many patriotic seafarers. Research conducted by the Maryland Natural Resources Police […]

Sail Into Spring

Last month you cleaned things up and now that spring has sprung, you’re ready to set sail! Before leaving port, don’t let an ill-prepped vessel put a chill on your warm-weather plans! We know you’ve been itching to get back on the water all winter long, but those long, dreary months spent ashore can take […]

Boating Must-Haves

Safety First!  Whether you’re piloting a 60-foot high-end yacht on a multi-day voyage or paddling a canoe across the bay, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) requires that every boat—regardless of size or type—has essential safety equipment aboard. Luckily, these items aren’t overly expensive or hard to find and, more importantly, they could save your […]

A Checklist to Spring Into Ship-Shape

“The sea finds out everything you did wrong.” This invaluable truism comes from Francis Stokes, a guy who knew a thing or two about boats—he completed six solo trans-Atlantic in the early 1970’s before the advent of many technological advances sailors today take for granted. So what’s the takeaway from Francis’s advice? The open water […]

It’s Good to be Green

Port Annapolis Marina is one of the northeastern United States’ premier sailing attractions, offering quick and convenient access to the Chesapeake Bay and its many adjoining historic properties. The marina’s friendly accommodations in this regard are only enhanced further by the many amenities available on site. These include a large swimming pool, as well as […]

Boating’s ‘Great Divide’: Sailors vs. Powerboaters

Which Side Are You On?  Ever since the advent of the outboard engine, powerboaters and sailors have largely regarded each other with disdain. Virtually every member of the boating community falls firmly onto one side or the other—with the rare exception of those who good-naturedly refer to themselves as “bi-boaters” or “transvesselites” that have the […]